47th Annual Original Yachats Arts & Crafts Fair

MARCH 25-26, 2017

The Yachats Chamber's Original Arts & Crafts Fair is a juried arts fair. It will be held indoors at the Yachats Commons and 501 Building (next door) at Hwy 101 and W 5th Street. Booth spaces are available for a maximum of 80 artists. This 47-year old fair is known for its quality and attracts approximately 3 to 4 thousand people.





3/24/17 Friday SET-UP: 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.

3/25/17 Sat. FAIR HOURS: 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

3/26/17 Sun. FAIR HOURS: 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Your application MUST include a completed Application Form, 3 photos of your artwork or craftwork and 1 photo of your typical booth space (if possible). You may direct us to your photos on a web site or submit printed photos. PLEASE provide clear and well-lit photos that are representative of your art or craft. An independent jury of local business people and artists will select the Fair's artists based upon your photos. Selected photos may also be used in the fair's news releases (for which we may ask you for higher resolution). Do not send sample products.

NOTE: With your application form, please include one or two paragraphs about yourself and your art that may be included in news releases. You may attach a longer biography if you like.

People who offer services or entertainment, such as chair massage, portrait photography, portrait sketching, face painting, henna tattooing, animal balloon making and the like are encouraged to join the Fair. Contact us if you have an idea, even if it doesn't fit into a regular booth space. We will work with you on space and fees.


Please pay careful attention to the description of the booth dimensions below. Your booth cannot exceed the size of space assigned.

We welcome creative use of space (i.e., something other than the standard structure). Your flexibility and good humor are critical--and appreciated.

Please indicate on your Application Form your booth size choices. We will fill as many 1st choice booth size requests as we possibly can.

The following list shows the number of spaces available in each size category. The first number is the measurement across the front of the booth; the second number is the measurement from front to back.

SIZE              # OF SPACES           FEE

10X10                     10                 $ 125
8X8                         25                 $ 100
6X8                          5                     85
8X6                         15                    85
5X8                          3                     80
7X5                          3                     75
6X6                          2                     70
8X3                          5                     50
odd                          7                     70-$125 (varies with size)

PLEASE NOTE: We have a limited number of 6' and 8' tables, which will be allocated upon request, based on the postmark date of the application. There is a $5 fee per table.

Booth Spaces and other assignments will be announced after the jury has selected the Fair's artists. We will work hard to make every location as attractive to customers as possible.


We really do our best to accommodate special location requests but we cannot promise to accommodate every one. Reality is we usually get multiple requests for the same thing. We make an effort not to group artists working in the same medium next to or across the isle from each other. We consider several factors when granting location requests, such as number of years in this Fair, art form, special needs, and postage date of returned application. Ultimately, our objectives are to have happy exhibitors and an attractive and well-presented show with a variety of art forms in each room. Large signs and arrows will be posted to direct Fair goers through the building and to every room.


You must include a deposit equal to the fee(s) of your preferred booth space and # of table(s) requested with your Application. NO SPACE WILL BE HELD WITHOUT THE DEPOSIT. Any additional fees (or) refunds due to you will be indicated on your Acceptance Form and will be collected or returned to you at the Fair. Deposits will be returned with photos if you are not accepted.


We limit the use of lights and equipment due to excessive demands on the electric system in some previous years. The Fire Department will inspect the building before the Fair opens and may require additional limits. Indicate on your application if you need electricity. If you do use electricity, you will need to bring heavy-duty extension cords and duct tape.


Exhibitors may sell packaged foods, such as jams, honey, soup mixes, etc. You MUST have a Dept. of Agriculture license.

The Fair will offer self-service coffee. Menus of local restaurants and to-go order forms will be available so that vendors may place orders for breakfast or lunch for delivery the following day. Exhibitors may bring in bag lunches. We will also have a few people available to provide short breaks for vendors, and we encourage neighboring exhibitors to provide breaks for each other when possible.


All items offered for sale at the Fair must be designed, created, and crafted by the exhibitor. Any item not meeting these requirements will be removed from the show. Items that differ substantially from what was described in the Application will not be allowed.


Applicants will be notified one way or the other on or before February 18. If you have not heard by then, please Email Beverly Wilson.

Exhibitors may set up their booths after 5 P.M., Friday, March 24. All exhibitors must arrive at the Commons by 8:00 A.M. on Saturday, March 25, to claim their booth space. All booths must be set up and ready by 9:30 A.M. and must remain open and supervised during the hours of the Fair. No booths may be removed before Sunday closing. We will be able to provide assistance through Angell Job Corps students to help you set up and take down your booth.

No refunds for cancellations after February 25.


Please see the lodging list on the Chamber's web site, www.yachats.org, for motel, bed and breakfast, vacation rental and RV / camping information.


The Yachats Area Chamber of Commerce, its officers, and members of the Fair Committee assume no responsibility for theft, loss, damage or injury to the property or person of the exhibitors or their associates. Security personnel occupy the Commons building Friday and Saturday nights. Daytime security is the exhibitor's responsibility.

Application Form