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Feast updated 10-18-17

18th annual
October 20-22, 2017

The village of Yachats is nestled between the Pacific surf and a lush temperate rainforest that both provides and depends upon an astonishing array of fungi and mushrooms.

This festival features cultivated culinary and wild forest mushroom dishes prepared by talented local chefs, culinary markets, and fabulous opportunities to get to know about mushrooms.

You are guaranteed a fun time while learning about the role of fungi in forest ecology, how to identify mushrooms, harvest sustainably, grow your own culinary mushrooms, and create delicious mushroom dishes.

We are honored to host a phenomenal team of fungi scholars and educators who join this festival annually to provide informative mushroom talks, guided walks, workshops and wild mushrooms displays.

The festival also offers a book signing, arts and crafts, specialty retail items, tastings, live music and entertainment.

Please explore the small links below for our scheduled festival activities and more information.

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

FRIDAY, October 20
6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
$15.00, mushroom soups, salad, desserts, live music, &...
441 Hwy 101, Yachats Commons
Yachats Village Mushroom Fest weekend opens Friday evening with a family-style fun-guys welcome that includes delicious mushroom soups, salad and desserts prepared by talented Yachats chefs, original acoustic guitar by Ian Smith, a silent auction, and a surprise fun-guys table game with prizes. No-Host Wine and Beer. Fun-guys and Fun-gals attending the bash will receive a complimentary festival weekend wristband. Seating is limited. Tickets are $15 and available online at Brown Paper Tickets. Tickets will also be available at the door.


Delectable Dishes In Yachats Restaurants All Weekend

2017 menus are linked below.

[Dining Guide] (PDF)

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors


Your purchase of a $5 Festival Wristband allows you admission to the Speakers Forum and Workshops* and helps us meet production costs and sustain the festival. Festival wristbands will be available beginning Oct 1 at the Yachats Visitors Center, 241 Hwy 101 (10 am-4 pm), and on Saturday during the festival weekend inside the main entrance of the Yachats Commons.

*Please note that the Workshops also have small materials fees.

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signings  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, October 21-22

Scientific Presentations and Workshops for the General Public

Speakers' Forum
Yachats Commons Multipurpose Room
441 Hwy 101.
Open to all with $5 Festival Wristband

There is no pre-registration for the Speakers' Forum.
There will be ample seating.

Saturday 10:00 a.m.
Oregon Is Truffle Country
Dr. Charles LeFevre,
New World Truffieres and the Oregon Truffle Festival. An introduction to Oregon's native culinary truffles, the successful cultivation of French truffles throughout the world, and Oregon's central role in the emerging American truffle industry. Note: This presentation will be followed by a half-hour truffle dog demonstration on the grounds behind the Yachats Commons beginning about 11:30 a.m.

Saturday 11:15 a.m.
Webs of Symbiosis: seeing the forest beyond the trees
Dr. Dan Luoma,
Dept. of Forest Ecosystems & Society, OSU
In the life of a forest, fungi are connected to a wide variety of plants and animals, above-ground and below-ground. The presentation will focus on fungi in their roles of contributing to that interconnectedness and how they facilitate resiliency in forest ecosystems.

Saturday 12:30 p.m.
How to Collect and Identify Wild Mushrooms
Dr. Steven Carpenter
The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to collect and consume wild edible mushrooms, and their collection has become increasingly popular over the years. It is important to know how to identify mushrooms for safe consumption and how to collect them in a way that does not harm their environment. In this presentation you will learn what mushrooms are, where to find them, the best ways to collect them and the basics in identification.

Saturday 1:45 p.m. Mexican Mycophilia and Mycophagy: A travelogue from the 9th International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms.
David Pilz,
PilzWald (Forestry Applications of Mycology)
The ancient Olmec, Mayan and Aztec cultures of central America comprise a major independent origin of human civilization. In a manner that was unique among early civilizations elsewhere in the world, mushrooms played important roles in dietary, symbolic, ritual and religious aspects of daily life. The diversity of tree species and habitats in the high elevation cloud forests of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and elsewhere in central America host habitats for a wide diversity of edible and entheogenic mushrooms. Although most of the ancient codices and other glyphic records of mushroom use were destroyed by conquering Spaniards, native communities retain rich traditions of mushroom harvesting and culinary use to this day. Some communities have indigenous names for hundreds of edible mushrooms which they harvest and eat with relish. Join David for a travelogue that provides a glimpse of these rich cultural traditions. Note: Before this presentation you can catch David's book signing in Rm 8.

Saturday 3:00 p.m.
Lichens: Fungi in Disguise
Dr. Matt Trappe,
Dept. of Botany, OSU
It is amazing how surrounded we are by lichens - they are so common we hardly notice them. This presentation, including photos, covers lichen basics and introduces the most common species that folks probably see every day.


Cape Perpetua Visitors Center Theater
Free event

Sunday 11:00 a.m.
Slideshow Presentation: Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, habitat, selected special plants & fungi.
Anna Moore
, Cascade Mycological Society (tentative)

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

441 Hwy 101 [#15]
12:30 p.m., Rm. 8 (N side of the Yachats Commons building)


David Pilz will introduce his novel, The Bog Maiden, "A supernatural romance served with a layered and aged mushrooms-of-immortality sauce." According to David, he and his co-author, George McAdams, captured the spore for this novel over good wine and a campfire on the southern Oregon coast in May 2001, and Sporocarps (subsequent novels) are now in stages of research. Prepare to be entertained. People may purchase the novel at the festival for $10 (it's $13.95 elsewhere) and have it signed by David! David will also be selling mushroom bandannas that he designed. Stop by and check out the design!

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

SATURDAY, October 21

Fall Basket of Mushrooms


Demonstrations & Workshops
Open to all with $5 Festival Wristband
(as space allows)
Plus small workshop fees, as posted below.


Saturday, 11:30 a.m.
Yachats Commons Grounds [#15]
(Grassy lawn on the W side of Commons buildings)
No pre-registration.
Truffle Dog Demonstration
Dr. Charles LeFevre

This demonstration will be preceded by Dr. LeFevre's talk, Oregon is Truffle Country, which will be held in the multipurpose room of the Yachats Commons from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.


Saturday 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. (Arrive 15 minutes early.)
Yachats Presbyterian Church, 360 7th St.
No pre-registration; seating is first come, first serve.
$3 Materials Fee collected at door. Please bring $1 bills.
Cooking with Mushrooms, Making the Most of Your Bounty
Pam McElroy & Anna Russo, Lincoln Co Mycological Society

This workshop will focus on cooking with main choice edibles and guide you through delicious pairings. It will include information on individual wild mushrooms and the culinary companions to bring out the best in each species. Preservation will also be addressed.

NOTE: Please remove shoes upon entering. Signs will be posted.


Saturday 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (Arrive 15 minutes early.)
Yachats Commons, Rm 8 [#15]
(N side of the Yachats Commons)
No pre-registration. $5 Materials Fee payable on site.
Please bring exact change. One bag limit per participant.
Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms
Dr. Steven Carpenter and Kim Kittredge

3:00 p.m. Lecture/Slideshow
4:00 p.m. Workshop, Picnic Shelter

Dr. Steven Carpenter is back this year, joined by Kim Kittredge, to show you how to grow your own oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.). You will be amazed how easy it is to grow gourmet mushrooms, and how much fun it is to do! You will attend a lecture/slideshow followed by a workshop where you make your own bag of pasteurized straw and inoculate it with the mushroom spawn provided. In a few short weeks it will sprout delicious oyster mushrooms! Each bag should produce enough for several meals.

The 4 p.m. workshop is open only to those also attending the 3 p.m. lecture / slideshow.

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signings  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

Respectful Mushroom Harvesting | CMS Mushrooms Edibility Guidelines
by Dave Pilz

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, October 21-22


Fungi Exhibits
Yachats Lions Hall
W 4th St. and Pontiac
(behind Yachats Commons on 4th St.) [#19].

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Free Admission

Bob Keller Mushroom Photos

Native Forest Fungi Displays and Educational Exhibits
Provided and staffed by the 
Lincoln County Mycological Society
Cascade Mycological Society
North American Truffling Society

Extensive Mushroom Exhibits
Find scores of labeled examples here.

Displays and exhibits will include

  • fresh examples of both edible and toxic wild mushrooms
  • posters, books and other materials presenting current research
    on the ecology of wild mushrooms
  • an opportunity to ask questions and chat about fungi with
    people who know and love them

LactariusDeliciosus by Matt Trappe Fungi Slideshow
by Dr. Matt Trappe

Cape Perpetua Visitors Center Theater.
3 miles S of Yachats on Hwy 101
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Free Admission

This is a 20-minute slideshow on a loop with over 300 fabulous fungi images by Dr. Matt Trappe. Each slide includes the mushroom's
scientific name and common name (if it has one).

NOTE: There is limited parking at Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, located about 3 miles S of downtown Yachats (east side of Hwy 101). The Parking Fee is $5 (or) display your Oregon Coast Passport or Siuslaw National Forest Passport. The parking lot has self-serve payment stations. Park passports may also be purchased inside Cape Perpetua Visitor Center.

THANK YOU Exhibits Staff:  Phil Lamberson (LCMS), Pam McElroy (LCMS), Anna Russo (LCMS), Greg Harlow (LCMS), Hoyt Husing (LCMS), Lee Anderson (LCMS), Carolina Pina Paez (NATS), Richard Tehan (NATS). Special thanks to Lincoln County Mycological Society and Cascade Mycological Society CMS for providing scores of mushroom specimens.

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

Respectful Mushroom Harvesting | CMS Mushrooms Edibility Guidelines
by Dave Pilz

We recommend purchasing All that the Rain Promises and More
by David Arora.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, October 21-22


Shaggy Parasols by Heather Sielicki2

All walks are free.
Pre-registration is required.

Twenty-one mushroom walks are scheduled. There is a maximum of 12 people p/walk.

You may register for walks online at Brown Paper Tickets - type in "Yachats walks" in their "search events" box and look down the list for the walk# you wish to join. There is no registration fee. (Note: Walks #10 and #21 are register at the Commons on Saturday only.)

Festival weekend, registration for any remaining walks will continue on Saturday, October 21, inside the main entry of the Yachats Commons, Hwy 101 & W 4th St.

Saturday: Walks are scheduled every half hour from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. (with a 12Noon to 12:30 pm break)
Sunday: Walks are scheduled every half hour from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Please Note: ALL Mushroom Walks are instructional.
Foraging is not permitted on these walks.

Well behaved leashed dogs are permitted on the guided walks although not encouraged.


THANK YOU Mushroom Walk Leaders: Dr. Susie Dunham, Joyce Eberhart, Dr. Dan Luoma, Chris Melotti, David Pilz, Joe Spivack, Dr. Matt Trappe, Molly Widmer, Susie Holmes (LCC/CMS), Anna Moore (CMS), Valerie Nguyen/Ja Schindler (Fungi For The People/CMS), Steve Barham (Cape Perpetua Naturalist), Dick Mason (Cape Perpetua Naturalist).

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

Culinary Mushroom Markets

In the Village Shops...



Judith's Kitchen Tools, Hwy 101 & W 3rd, [#21]. 541-547-3020.
Mushroom cookbooks.

Mari's Books and..., Hwy 101 & W 3rd, [#21]. 541-547-3022.
Stop here for your copy of David Arora's, All That The Rain Promises and More, and...


Antique Virgin, Hwy 101 & E 3rd [#23] 541-547-2757.
Glass Mushroom Pendants.

Touchstone Gallery, 2118 N Coast Hwy, [#1]. 541-547-4121.
Intriguing pieces by selected artists. FMI Email Jacquee.

Turtle Island Candles & Gifts, 153 Hwy 101, [#26].
Artisan candles, leatherwork, and stained glass made on site.

Village Gift Gallery, 1881 Hwy 101 (Fireside Motel Lobby Shop), [#4].
Colorful, whimsical, artsy ceramic mushrooms.

Wave Gallery, 2118 N Coast Hwy, [#1]. 541-547-4405.
Beautiful images of Pacific NW mushrooms by photographer Bob Keller.


Green Salmon Coffee House, 220 Hwy 101, [#24]. 541-547-3077.
A mini-market, including packaged specialty Mushroom Cocoa and Tea Latte drink mixes, Green Salmon Mushroom festival T-shirts, packaged Candycap Gingersnaps and Cordyceps Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, powdered and dried culinary and medicinal mushrooms and more!

Judith's Kitchen Tools, Hwy 101 & W 3rd, [#21]. 541-547-3020.
Great tools for the chef! Mushroom brushes, mushroom keeper bags, and mushroom slicers (French made), even a truffle/chocolate shaver (Italian made).

The Drift Inn Lobby Shop, 124 Hwy 101, [#25]. 541-547-4477.
Special items for fun-guys and fun-gals. Open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Ya-Hots Video Country Store, Hwy 101 & E 3rd [#23]. 541-547-4117.
Dried gourmet mushrooms.


C & K Market Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Hwy 101 & W 2nd [#21]. Find a delicious mix of cultivated culinary mushrooms. 541-547-4561.

The Mushroom People Saturday and Sunday. Outdoor Booth at Farmers Market, Yachats Commons front lawn, or in Rm. 3 of the Yachats Commons (in inclement weather). Hwy 101 & W 4th St [#15]. Choice edible wild harvested Oregon mushrooms, fresh and dried.

Rainforest Mushrooms Outdoor Tent location TBA. Rainforest Mushrooms is certified organic and produces exotic mushrooms, including shiitake, maitaki, lions mane, oyster, yellow oyster and pink oyster, and also offers mushroom kits. They have been growing mushrooms for 30 years and have a new farm in Yachats.

W 4th off Hwy 101 [#15].
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Weather Permitting - Outdoor market with fresh local produce, fresh and dried native forest fungi, and local arts and crafts. This is the last Yachats Farmers' Market weekend of the season.

in restaurants, cafes, pubs during festival weekend...

On Friday night, 7:00 p.m., Oregon Coast Chamber Orchestra will perform at the Yachats Community Presbyterian Church, 360 W 7th St. Tickets are $10 (children/students free) and available at Mari's Books, Hwy 101 & W 3rd in Yachats, Newport Performing Arts Center, Umpqua Bank in Reedsport, and the Oregon Pacific Bank in Florence. Tickets will also be available at the door.

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors


Platinum Level ($1000-$1999):
Adobe Resort, Overleaf Lodge & Spa

Gold Level ($500-$999):
Ocean Odyssey Vacation Rentals, The Drift Inn Historic Cafe & Pub,

Silver Level ($150-$499):
Adobe Resort Restaurant, Bread & Roses Bakery and Cafe, City of Yachats, Dublin House Motel, The Drift Inn, Heidi's Italian Dinners, Ona Restaurant, Vacasa, Yachats Inn, Yachats Brewing and Farmstore, Ya'Tel Motel

Bronze Level (up to $149):
Food Services of America

Special Thanks to Our Original Idea People

Marla Gillham, the Festival's Education Program Coordinator Emeritus and Forest Ecologist: Marla joined the planning committee in year one, bringing scientific knowledge, environmental passion, and love of teaching. She has our continuing and sincere thanks for establishing the festival's education program, and for bringing in the phenomenal team of educators, many of them her friends and former colleagues, who make the festival's "Ecology for Everyone" programs possible.

John Ullman the Festival's Initiator and exuberant optimist:
John proposed the festival to his fellow chamber board members upon returning from Italy where he'd been captivated by a village mushroom fest held in the Italian countryside. After winning chamber support for the Yachats festival, he chaired its planning committee for its first ground breaking years, and coordinated the Friday Nite Village Fungi Feast its first* year. As well as being an active chamber board member and citizen of Yachats, John was an artist, chef, architect, and all around enthusiast of life. John died in 2013 and has left us with many fun and fond memories, and is dearly missed.

*Thereafter the Friday night event has been coordinated or co-coordinated by former chamber president David Locke or current chamber president Linda Hetzler.

The Yachats Village Mushroom Fest is produced by the Yachats Area Chamber of Commerce with the generous support and collaboration of Yachats area businesses, the City of Yachats, Cape Perpetua Visitors Center and Scenic Area, OSU Faculty, Students and Alumni, the Cascade Mycological Society, Lincoln County Mycological Society, the North American Truffling Society, and local and visiting naturalists.

FMI, please Email,
Beverly Wilson, Festival Coordinator for the Yachats Chamber.
Tel: 541-547-3530; Toll-free: 800-929-0477

$5 Wristband  Feast  Book Signing  Talks  Workshops/Demo  Exhibits  Walks  Markets  Sponsors

Respectful Mushroom Harvesting | CMS Mushrooms Edibility Guidelines
by Dave Pilz

We recommend purchasing All that the Rain Promises and More
by David Arora.

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